"Boggy Creek" (tape) on H Series.
"Self-titled" (cdr) on Small Doses.
"Stenwyken" (tape) on Satan's Din.
"Sightings" (tape)split with XSXCXEXBX on Absence Tapes.
"Jonesville Monster" track on HNW 4split LP on Urashima Records.
"Batutut" (3-tape box set) on New Forces.
"Until the Sun Goes Down" (tape) on H Series.
"The Devil's Claw" (tape) wrapped in human & animal hair on Fusty Cunt Tapes.
"Ts'emekwes" (tape) on Absence Tapes.
"Yeren" (3"cdr) on Bored Bear Recordings.
"La MaldiciĆ³n De La Bestia" (tape) collaboration with The Godless Girl on H Series.
"Black Lake" (tape) on Burial Recordings.
"Hide" (4xcdr) on H Series.
"Monster" (cdr) on Deadline Recordings (Noise/Art Series).
"Bukwas" (tape) on Vulnavia Editions.
"Mythos and Lore" (cdr) split with Nightmare Castle/Dead Body Collection on Altar of Waste.
"Sasahevas" (tape) on Unlimited Drift.
"Sulphur River" (3xcdr) on Room 2A.